While The Coop has under gone major renovations in the recent years the existing structure built in 1922 is largely unchanged. Prior to our ownership, the building was a home-based leather press operation that manufactured gloves and other accessories for local agencies, which included the Portland Police Bureau.

The building during the 70’s

As a fifth generation Oregonian Solomon Pilip-Florea did not want to change the feel of the historic building totally. He undertook this project, then a vacant residential house (otherwise a dilapidated neighborhood nuisance) and restored the structure into a beautiful oasis for the Arbor Lodge neighborhood to enjoy.  With the end result in mind, the Pilip-Florea family envisioned a nice quaint family friendly Rotisserie Restaurant where neighbors could meet, kids could play, all while enjoying some fantastic food and drinks.

The renovated building


Event and Catering Facility